JPAC Batteries are here to help your power generation stay resilient and safe. In the modern world access to power makes the world turn round, it is when we lose power that we start to panic & lose data and business functionality. Whether you are met with a planned or unplanned outage, you may need an instant, reliable power solution to ensure you are not letting your customers down and your safety and emergency systems are operational. This is where JPAC comes in, we can equip your business with industrial grade batteries which store power for when you need it or correspondingly service, maintain or replace existing batteries on your power grid. To get in contact us with us visit the contact page or call us on 0422 629 870

Power generation - JPAC Batteries Services and Systems
POWER GENERATION - JPAC Batteries Services and Systems


Sometimes harsh conditions makes it impossible to receive power from the grid. Battery power storage allows for an effective secondary method of gaining accessing power, which is largely popular over fuel powered generator systems to its cost effectiveness and instant succession. Combat downtime by utilizing the miracle of battery power to ensure that your business operations are not halted. Battery power is often used to prevent data loss on computer systems and to keeping machinery running for safety precautions. If you are looking for a new installation of a battery system or you need your old system, repaired, serviced or replace, please don’t hesitate to contact us