JPAC Batteries are committed to providing the Australian Mining Industry with safe, reliable and cost-effective power through our state of the art battery systems. Power outages or Blackouts can be fatal for miners, resulting often in loss of data and machinery failure. Do you represent an Australian Mining Company? Do you need to ensure auxiliary power on your worksite? JPAC Batteries use battery units to provide a secondary power option during catastrophic failure, or simply for places where access to the grid is impossible.

Batteries are a safe and long lasting solution in power storage, If your operation is running mainly on solar, batteries can be charged during the day and stored for the night-time. In an industry with high operating costs, you need to ensure your systems are always working. Keeping systems operational is not just good for business but essential for safety. JPAC are able to install new battery systems or service, maintain or replace existing battery systems. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0422 629 870

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Do you need a battery unit to power your cathodic protection system? Cathodic Protection involves protecting steel structures from corrosion by applying a direct current between the structure and an earth point. Because many structures, such as underground pipelines, are located some distance from mains power, solar power is used as a convenient and readily available source of energy for supplying this protection current. Battery storage enables the system to operate reliably under all conditions.

Battery systems are only getting more comprehensive with age. The modern industrial grade batteries are designed for the harsh conditions, which has led to high standards of equipment protection and reliability. Electrical enclosures and battery boxes are passively cooled and ventilated and are resistant to moisture, dust, insects and animals. Here at JPAC batteries we provide you with innovative battery power solutions to your mining operation.