Get the best tips and tricks for keeping your industrial batteries functioning to their full capacity

It’s no secret that industrial batteries have a very hard and long-winded job, powering all the workshop machinery and processes such as forklifts and handlers. But, as an employer, you should always ensure that your industrial batteries are regularly tested and have maintenance work completed on them to ensure that your workshop runs efficiently, optimises performance and productivity remains strong. Proper industrial battery maintenance saves time and money which is better utilised when put back into your business.

JPAC Batteries are your local industry experts in industrial battery testing and maintenance. We service all brands of industrial batteries and are able to diagnose problems and defects with your battery systems.

We provide an effective business maintenance schedule service in, at minimum 6 monthly intervals, to allow your industrial batteries to be tested, checked, repaired, or replaced as required.

We also provide an industrial battery cleaning service that cleans and neutralises your batteries, eliminating possible contaminants to the battery and your facilities. We are also specialists in monitoring and maintaining the proper water level within industrial batteries to ensure that you get the most out your battery.

The importance of industrial battery maintenance and services

We all know that time is money. When machinery fails or breaks down for an extended period of time, it is valuable production time that is lost, leading to lost products and decreased sales. The initial outlay for preventative battery maintenance should be prioritised in your businesses budget to ensure that you reduce unplanned workshop shutdowns, which can end up costing the business more money in the long run.

The reliance on company machinery such as forklifts and handlers for successful business operation, means that their maintenance should be considered just as important as other workplace health and safety practices.

When you prioritise your industrial batteries’ planned maintenance and make necessary repairs and upgrades as efficiently as possible, you can be guaranteed that you are getting the best possible life out of your batteries, optimising your businesses’ performance, and assisting the business overall to be successful.

Maintenance for industrial batteries

Tips and tricks for successful industrial battery maintenance

Regular testing and maintenance of your batteries by a qualified industry expert such as JPAC Batteries goes a long way in keeping your business running smoothly, but there are some steps that you can take as a business owner in getting the best out of your batteries in between maintenance schedules: Monitoring and cleaning.

Monitor the batteries’ charge levels and state of condition – most batteries will have an indicator on the top of them that tells you how much charge is still available for use within the battery. This indicator will also give you an on-the-spot diagnosis of the batteries state of condition.

If you notice that the battery condition is deteriorating quicker than usual or seems to be close to breakdown, get in touch with your battery expert to do an intermittent maintenance service and they can determine the cause of the deterioration and offer repair or replacement options.

Do your best to keep machinery batteries clean, dry and grime free and regularly inspect the battery for signs of physical damage or warp. Understandably, in a workplace, batteries are going to get dirty and experience wear and tear but, taking steps to reduce the risk of exposure to dirt, dust, grime, oil, lubricants etc., goes a long way in preserving the longevity of the battery. This could extend to making sure your equipment is kept in a warehouse or covered area overnight, or at least is covered for protection if being stored outside.

Your industrial battery expert can give you advice on how to best keep your batteries clean and can also provide cleaning services at your scheduled maintenance services. This also extends to monitoring the battery for physical damage or warping within the batteries casing. Should you notice any of these signs, it could be impacting on the battery’s performance and it’s best to give your maintenance technician a call.

Recharge your workplace with your industrial battery maintenance experts at JPAC Batteries

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