Here at JPAC Batteries we are committed to helping you bank your energy. Batteries are an efficient solution to store long term power and insure the security of your energy supply. As a commercial or industrial enterprise it is often important to contain a backup of stored power to ensure that the core functions of your business remain operational.

JPAC will either install, repair, maintain or replace your battery units to assist you combat business downtimes or catastrophic loss of data. Batteries are able to secure both fossil based fuels and renewable energy provided by solar or other means.

Batteries provide you with a dependable storage unit for the times where traditional methods of power cannot be generated. If you are interested in providing your business with the security of a battery system give JPAC Batteries a call on 0422 629 870 methods for a free quote. 

We operates out of Morisset, servicing the Hunter Region, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and outer NSW, but depending on the size of the job we are willing to travel outer-state.

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