Supply & Install Commercial and Industrial Battery Systems

As the Hunter and Central Coasts’ premium supplier of commercial and industrial battery systems, JPAC Batteries has a battery solution to suit your individual business needs. We can supply battery systems from 12v right up to large 240v system, providing operators with the longevity and support of ongoing battery power for their business. We have supplied and installed battery systems for the following industries;

With extensive experience and the right equipment to tackle any job, JPAC Batteries can complete an onsite inspection, make a professional assessment about your business’ battery requirements, then recommend battery solutions to meet your energy demands. We can supply and install our recommended battery system solution and provide all components of your battery system including;

Maintenance and battery system testing for your commercial and industrial batteries

JPAC Batteries are your local industry experts in commercial and industrial battery testing and maintenance. We are able to test and diagnose all battery brands and types and identify problems and defects with your established battery system.

We provide an effective business maintenance schedule service, at minimum 6 monthly intervals, to allow your industrial batteries to be tested, checked, repaired, or replaced as required.

As an additional maintenance component for your batteries, we also provide an industrial battery cleaning service. Our battery cleaning service neutralises your batteries, eliminating possible contaminants to the battery and your facilities. We can also monitor and maintain water levels within your batteries to ensue premium performance from your battery system.

Commercial and industrial battery reporting

Installation and maintenance of your onsite battery system involves ongoing smart monitoring and reporting on your batteries output and performance. 

At JPAC Batteries, as part of our standard maintenance schedule, we install and provide equipped software to help you keep track of your batteries performance and deliver comprehensive reports on battery output and condition. These detailed reports not only give you an overall picture of your battery systems, but also include a breakdown of the condition and performance of each individual battery cell. 

This in turn provides JPAC Batteries technicians with the right technical data in order to assist you with maintenance and replacement of your battery system to ensure it keeps operating to optimal capacity.

Load testing for 12V to 240V battery systems

Load testing a battery system allows technicians to measure the amps produced through a charged battery by placing a load on the battery system and then monitoring the discharge performance. This gives them an assessment of the battery’s power and available output, essentially allowing them to assess condition and performance. 

Battery load testing is only generally indicative of overall battery system performance and doesn’t break down results of each individual battery cell, which is where systematic maintenance reporting picks up the difference. 

At JPAC Batteries, we utilise state of the art load testing equipment to test your battery system. With the capacity to test systems up to 240V, JPAC can help make an accurate assessment on the maintenance services required for your individual battery system and when a potential battery replacement is imminent.

For all your commercial and industrial battery installation, maintenance, testing, reporting and replacement needs

JPAC Batteries is committed to providing safe, reliable and cost-effective battery systems to a wide variety of industries. We service most major industries in commercial and industrial capacities.


When you need reliable and cost-effective battery solutions for the Australian mining industry, JPAC has the knowledge and product supply to deliver results. Our battery systems provide long lasting solutions for both underground and open cut mining operations, as well as supporting the supply of mining warehouses, equipment, and transportation. Whether your operations are day or night, JPAC Batteries keep you running on schedule and at optimum performance.

Rail Transportation

JPAC Batteries are industry experts in the supply and installation of both onboard and trackside battery solutions for the rail transportation industry. Keeping your trains running on time is crucial to the bottom line of your business, so you need a reliable battery system that is going to deliver the right performance for the longest period of time. When transporting goods from A to B, power is a crucial asset; batteries provide a modular method of power storage to ensure that the power stays on, even in the worst of conditions.

Solar Energy

Whether you are running a commercial or industrial enterprise, if your business is running on clean, green solar energy, you need the highest quality and longest lasting solar batteries to store your generated energy. At JPAC, we provide innovative solutions to store the generated power from solar energy system, allowing your business to reduce reliance on energy suppliers and capitalise on green energy from the sun.

Power Generation

Unlimited supplies of power are what makes the world go round and round, so it’s only natural as a major power supply organisation, that you want reliable and innovative battery systems to keep your operations running efficiently. Our instant battery powered solutions ensure that the cogs keep turning and the lights stay on should unplanned or unexpected outages occur.

Energy Storage

Here at JPAC Batteries, we are committed to providing with long term battery storage solutions for your commercial and industrial enterprise. Our battery systems provide you with the capacity to store backup power incase of outage to ensure that the core functions of your business remain operational. When you need dependable energy storage solutions, JPAC has the products to deliver.


We need to stay connected with each other for enterprises to successfully run to their optimal performance. Miscommunications lead to error, which leads to downtowns and a nonoperational business – hardly ideal in the Australian workforce. JPAC Batteries provides the network of battery systems to ensure your business stays connected, no matter the circumstances, provide longevity and security for your business.


With extensive experience across a wide variety of key industries throughout Australia, JPAC Batteries has developed rapport with many clients, who have successful battery storage systems, supplied, installed and maintained by JPAC Batteries’ hardworking technicians.