How to properly maintain and extend the lifespan of your industrial batteries

maintain and extend the lifespan of your industrial batteries

Battery maintenance tips for industrial businesses.

Many enterprises rely on batteries to keep their operations and equipment running. If you belong to a business that relies on batteries, you should know that effective battery maintenance is a crucial aspect of the industry where you are in. Regular inspection and maintenance by a reputable service provider will enable industrial batteries to last several good years.

Why is maintenance required in industrial battery systems?

Why is maintenance required in industrial battery systems?

An industrial battery operates the same way as a regular battery. However, it is generally bigger, lasts longer, and is more powerful than the consumer type of battery. Various commercial and industrial businesses use industrial batteries for their operations.

For example, forklifts lift and move heavy materials over a short distance. For a forklift to do this, it needs to be powered by a powerful battery, which is why it needs an industrial type of battery. 

Industrial batteries find applications in automation, robotics, telecommunications, construction, and many other industries. These battery systems are designed for heavy usage and to withstand extreme weather conditions.

But no matter how powerful they are, batteries have a limited lifespan. At one point in time, they malfunction, get discharged or need to be replaced. The key is to maximise the lifespan of an industrial battery. If not, business losses can happen. Business operations pause when the battery system fails until the batteries are repaired or changed.

How to properly maintain and extend the lifespan of industrial batteries

How to properly maintain and extend the lifespan of industrial batteries?

Proper servicing is necessary for batteries to last. It is best to hire the services of professional technicians when it comes to periodic check-ups. Nonetheless, there are initiatives that can help extend the lifespan of your batteries. 

Here are some essential tips and reminders about battery maintenance:

1. Conduct routine inspections of batteries.

Schedule regular equipment and machinery inspections to make sure that the batteries are free from corrosion or that they do not have any defects or issues. 

2. Know your battery type.

Every battery has its proper way of upkeeping. For example, lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in aircraft and industrial forklifts, should not be charged up to their full capacity and should not be completely drained. On the other hand, lead acid batteries require that they are completely charged after each usage. They also need frequent checking of fluid.

Knowing the type of batteries used in the business will allow owners to understand how to properly keep them in proper condition. It will avoid overcharging or undercharging, as well as other issues like overheating.

3. Keep batteries clean and dry.

Maintenance-free batteries are prevalent these days, but this does not mean that batteries should be left unkept. Maintenance-free batteries are named as such because they do not need to be refilled with fluid or electrolytes – and not because they can be ignored for the whole duration of their life cycle.

Whichever type of batteries are being used in the business, ensure that they are kept dry and clean, including the wires and cables. Corrosion is pretty common in batteries, especially when exposed to extreme weather conditions. When terminal corrosions are already visible, replace the battery soon.

4. Ensure that the battery is charged properly.

Charging is crucial when it comes to batteries. Charging too long can reduce the life cycle of some types of batteries. The same is true when some batteries are undercharged. 

So, always check that the batteries are charged correctly. This way, they are always at their peak performance.

5. Keep the fluid levels of maintainable batteries at their correct levels. 

For batteries to perform at their peak levels, they should have the correct amount of water or electrolytes. If the water level is too low, it can cause plate wear and short run-time. If too high, the water can boil over, decreasing overall battery life. Manage this by regularly checking the fluid levels every five charges or so. 

6. Keep the battery temperature in check.

Batteries may overheat, especially when they are overcharged. Therefore, avoid conditions that will cause the batteries to heat up. In addition, battery life may be significantly reduced when exposed to extreme temperatures, so it is recommended to place them at room temperature or below. 

7. Have a professional conduct routine battery inspection.

A professional battery service company should conduct routine inspections of industrial batteries. Experienced technicians are knowledgeable in battery installation, maintenance, and repairs, especially when complicated situations arise or when there are plenty of batteries to be checked. 

Why professional technicians should do maintenance?

Why professionals technicians should do maintenance

While businesses must know how to properly maintain their industrial battery systems, it is best to consult the services of professional technicians to ensure that your industrial batteries are kept in order. This is especially true when the business owns various equipment and machinery that run on batteries.

Here are a few important reasons for seeking the assistance of technicians:

  • Professionals possess the proper equipment for battery service and repair. 
  • Technicians have professional know-how when it comes to batteries.
  • They can provide thorough maintenance and testing services.
  • They can diagnose battery and charger issues and can immediately make repairs when needed during the actual diagnosis.
Industrial battery systems maintenance

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