Industrial grade batteries are tasked with the hardest job of all – keeping the workplace running smoothly. Fully functioning batteries allow workplace machinery such as forklifts, generators, and backup power battery systems to operate at their full capacity, pushing for higher productivity and efficacy for businesses. To ensure that batteries remain efficient for the longest possible period of time, regular load testing and maintenance is required.

Load testing on an industrial battery system

Load testing on an industrial battery allows technicians to measure the total amps produced through the battery system. This is completed by placing a charge on the battery and measuring the total batteries output and monitoring its discharge performance. Technicians can then calculate and assess the performance and give an indication of the condition and overall health of the battery system. Once an assessment has been made, technicians can then recommend best course of action for maintenance or replacement of your battery system to keep your business functioning to its full capacity.

Utilising technology for industrial battery load testing

At JPAC Batteries, we utilise the latest technologies and state of the art testing equipment to test your battery system. We have the capacity to test battery systems from 12V right up to 240V. This is due to the experience of our technicians and utilising the latest smart technology, providing us with the diversification to test batteries of multiple sizes. If you have multiple systems installed on your premises, we can test them all, even if you had them installed by another provider.

Our load testing data and technical data reports from regular smart monitoring provide your business with a snapshot of your system’s performance in real time. The beauty of our smart technology integrations and equipment is that if any problems or shortfall arises from the load testing reports, it can be rectified before the whole system goes down, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your system.

Utilising technology for industrial battery load testing​

Combining industrial battery load testing with regular maintenance and reporting

We know when it comes to your business, time is money. When your company machinery goes down due to battery depletion or breakage, getting it back up and running as soon as possible is your first priority. That’s where proper maintenance, reporting, and load testing work hand in hand. Your companies’ battery systems should be receiving regular maintenance on a schedule that involves regular load testing assessments and adequate reporting to determine not only the health

of the overall battery system, but also an indication of the health of the individual battery cells themselves.

JPAC Batteries are able to provide your business with a regular maintenance package that explicitly includes regular industrial load testing assessments and technical data reports for your installed battery systems. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge to interpret load testing assessments and provide recommendations to protect your business and the longevity of your battery system.

Benefits of industrial load battery testing

Benefits of industrial load battery testing

As a necessity for your business, battery load testing also provides you with a range of benefits;

  • With regular load tests completed on your battery system, you are able to determine the health and performance of your battery as a whole as well as within the individual cells, and estimate the predicted life cycle.
  • Load testing gives you a definitive time frame for your batteries and allows you to know when they need to be replaced. This means that the business can estimate financials and allocate funds towards replacement more accurately when required.
  • Regular load testing and technical reporting allows technicians to identify weak cells within the battery and detect faults within the system. With this recognition, technicians can recommend actions to reduce the risk of future faults and unnecessary downtime of the system.

Giving your industrial battery system the support and attention it deserves

Your battery system can be the heart of your business, what keeps it functioning and profitable, so any unnecessary downtime to your battery system means that you could lose precious profits and output. JPAC Batteries is determined to keep your business functioning to its full capacity. We have over 40 years’ hands on experience working with battery systems, so your battery systems get the support and the attention it requires with JPAC. Our technicians are available on hand to help you get the most out of your system.

Over the years, JPAC has worked across multiple industries, providing industrial load testing and battery data reporting.

  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Information technology
  • Transport
  • Health
Giving your industrial battery system the support and attention it deserves

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