Industrial Battery Testing Wollongong

As the third-largest city in New South Wales and located only an hour away from Sydney, Wollongong is a thriving city with over 220,000 residents and 14,141 local businesses registered in the area. Industrial batteries have become an important part of businesses in Wollongong, powering everything from industrial equipment and electrified vehicles to solar energy storage units.

JPAC Batteries offers precision installation, maintenance, testing and disposal of industrial stationary batteries in Wollongong and surrounding areas. Our industrial battery testers in Wollongong stay up-to-date with safety requirements for battery testing in accordance with Australian Standards to ensure batteries are performing safely and reliably at their maximum capacity.

Our technicians are skilled in using our DC load-testing equipment for individual cell batteries and industrial-grade battery load-testing equipment for wet cell batteries.

Why Industrial Battery Testing is Crucial for Your Business

Greater demand for high energy has increased the need for industrial batteries for various facilities such as data centres, communication centres, telephone exchanges, airports, hospitals, paper mills, coal loaders and many more.

Ensuring your equipment and machinery are functioning fully is vital for keeping your business running. With unplanned downtime, you will be unable to power equipment and machinery resulting in missed revenue that impacts your employees, customers and bottom line.

Businesses shouldn’t have to lose profits due to faulty industrial batteries. However, your equipment and machinery can’t work to their full capacity without a well-maintained industrial battery. Industrial battery testing in Wollongong makes it possible to test its life cycle as well as identify defects and other indicators that repairs or replacements are needed before the battery stops working.

There are several reasons to test industrial battery systems:

  • Ensure the battery is functioning at optimal capacity
  • Prevent unexpected power outages by checking the battery’s health
  • Check the capacity and the condition of the battery
  • Estimate when a battery replacement will be needed
  • Receive feedback on how to increase the battery’s lifespan

JPAC Batteries’ Commitment to Wollongong Residents

At JPAC Batteries, we are proud to serve the Wollongong community. Our technicians in New South Wales have years of experience serving customers and exceeding expectations, and we promise to do the same for you.

With so many businesses in the agriculture, mining, manufacturing, electricity, fishing and waste services depending on industrial batteries in Wollongong, we know how important it is to have everything running smoothly.

Our industrial battery testers in Wollongong are experts in their field and use professional battery testing equipment to get accurate results, whether tests are performed on a small or industrial scale. We provide honest evaluations of all battery sizes ranging from 12v to 240v DC and tests can be conducted at any stage of the battery’s life cycle. All industrial battery tests are conducted in line with requirements set out in AS4029.2-2000 – Stationary batteries – Lead-acid Valve-regulated type.

Some of the Wollongong industrial battery tests we perform include:

  • Life cycle testing
  • Performance testing
  • Safety or defects testing
  • Load testing up to 240V

Contact JPAC Batteries for Industrial Battery Testing in Wollongong

You don’t have to wait until a power outage to know that you have a problem with your industrial batteries. Instead, contact JPAC Batteries for an industrial battery test in Wollongong. We also offer a wide range of other services including supplying new batteries, battery removals, battery installations and recycling old batteries. To learn more about our industrial battery testing services in Wollongong or throughout New South Wales, give us a call on 0422 629 870 or fill in our online contact form and a member of our team will be happy to contact you as soon as we can.

Industrial Battery Testing Wollongong