Industrial Battery Testing Maitland

Batteries play a critical role in supplying the energy needed to start engines and run machinery as well as a backup power source for essential services. As batteries become more integrated into industrial settings, their reliability and performance have become vital for companies who need an alternative power source on demand.

To confirm that batteries are working correctly and efficiently, an industrial stationary battery test must be performed. As a leading industrial battery testing service in Maitland, JPAC Batteries has developed the most innovative solutions to test all battery types from 12v to 240v DC.

Why choose JPAC Batteries for Industrial Stationary Battery Testing in Maitland?

As your trusted partner for industrial stationary battery testing in Maitland, we provide solid expertise in battery testing to maximise the safety, performance, reliability and lifetime of your products.

JPAC Batteries’ comprehensive industrial stationary battery testing is performed in accordance with AS4029.2-2000 – Stationary batteries – Lead-acid valve-regulated type requirements to ensure your batteries are safe, functional and in compliance with Australian Standards.

No matter which area of Maitland you are located in, we can offer you a punctual and reliable industrial stationary battery testing service. We provide you with a comprehensive report on your battery system that outlines any issues in performance or the condition of cells.

When you use JPAC Batteries’ industrial stationary battery testing services in Maitland, you will benefit from our:

  • Experienced team who works with the latest battery testing technology.
  • Full range of services including the installation, maintenance, testing and disposal of industrial batteries.
  • Tests performed on all battery sizes ranging from 12v to 240v DC.
  • Battery testing at any stage of the battery life cycle.
  • Commitment to providing a thorough and timely service.
The Importance of Battery Maintenance and Testing

The Importance of Battery Maintenance and Testing

When a battery isn’t functioning properly, it becomes inefficient and can cause your equipment to stop running. When you rely on a consistent power source to get your tasks done, this can prove to be inconvenient and result in a loss of earnings if you are using your industrial stationary battery for your business.

By performing regular battery testing, you can confirm your battery’s energy levels, prevent unexpected failures and even increase the amount of time between battery replacements.

Over the years, JPAC Batteries has built a strong reputation in Maitland and beyond for our industrial stationary battery testing services. Our experienced technicians are proficient in using our industrial-grade battery load-testing equipment for wet cell batteries and DC load-testing equipment for individual cell batteries and have worked with customers in a variety of sectors including:

  • Data centres
  • Communication centres
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Paper mills
  • Coal loaders and power stations.

Contact JPAC Batteries for Industrial Stationary Battery Testing in Maitland, NSW

Batteries are a critical source of power for many products, and energy storage plays a very active role in any industry setting. Therefore, ensuring that your batteries are regularly monitored and tested for reliability is essential for companies that need power on demand.

The experts at JPAC Batteries set the benchmark for industrial battery testing in Maitland and are one of the most trusted companies offering high-precision testing on all industrial battery types to ensure that batteries fulfil legal, industry and manufacturer requirements.

To learn more about our industrial stationary battery testing services in Maitland, call us on 0422 629 870, email us at or complete our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

Industrial Battery Testing Maitland