Industrial Battery Testing in Data Centres

JPAC Batteries offer the best industrial battery testing and maintenance services for data centres

When maintaining mission-critical data centre infrastructures it’s essential to ensure an uninterruptible power supply system and protect your data centre from unnecessary downtime. With our advanced industrial battery testing equipment and highly experienced staff, JPAC Batteries can offer the best services for industrial battery inspection, testing and maintenance at your data centre.

Protect your data storage facility from power fluctuations and outages

Advances in technology bring with them an ever-increasing demand for consistent, uninterrupted, and efficient power. Power grid outages and fluctuations in flow leave data centres vulnerable to critical data loss, and the financial risks associated with downtime, compromised data, and associated loss of reputation can be incredibly damaging for your business. Therefore, the backup power supply for your data centre needs to be powerful but energy-efficient, cost-effective, responsive, and scalable.

Meeting your data centre’s need for 24/7 power with efficient and reliable power backup

Whether your data centre facility is a network closet, server room or control room, JPAC Batteries can supply and install a completely scalable, high-performance battery system to meet your current and future needs.

Our services for industrial battery testing include:

  • Load test 2V to 240V up to 1400A dc
  • High-performance battery systems
  • Supply battery systems ranging from 12v to 240v DC
  • Installation and commissioning of complete battery systems
  • Maintenance and testing according to the highest Australian standards

Learn more about industrial battery supply, installation and testing for data centres with JPAC

JPAC Batteries is a local company that aims to provide the best services for the installation, testing, maintenance, and disposal of industrial stationary batteries in accordance with Australian standards. For help with finding the right industrial battery system for your data centre, or testing and maintaining your existing backup power supply, contact the friendly team at JPAC Batteries today!

Industrial Battery Testing in Data Centres