Battery Testing Gladstone Power Station

The best battery testing services for commercial and industrial establishments

With our advanced battery testing equipment and experienced staff, JPAC batteries can offer the best services for battery inspection, installation, and maintenance for your business establishment.

We provide high performance battery systems for all your commercial and industrial needs in Gladstone Power Station, including:

  • Load test 2V to 240V up to 1400A dc
  • High-performance battery systems
  • Installation, maintenance, and commissioning of complete battery system
  • Supply battery systems ranging from 12v to 240v DC
  • Testing and maintenance according to the highest Australian standards

Battery Testing services you can trust

JPAC Batteries is a local company that aims to provide the best services for the installation, testing, maintenance, and disposal of industrial stationary batteries. Our extensive industry experience and the expertise in commercial functions in Gladstone Power Station – located in Callemondah, Queensland – allows us to provide specialised services, like we do for all our clients. If you need industrial and commercial battery solutions or services – contact the friendly team at JPAC today!

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Battery Testing Gladstone Power Station