2V to 240V Battery Banks


Installation and commissioning of complete battery systems


Maintenance and Testing in accordance with Australian Standards


Load Test 2V to 240V up to 1400A dc


With extensive industrial experience & local knowledge JPAC Batteries have forged themselves a reputable name in industrial battery installation, testing & maintenance. Our director, Peter Torville, has been working in the power industry for many years, managing large contracts such as Bayswater Testing & the Snowy Hydro Electric Power Scheme.

JPAC Batteries have the right equipment and professional know-how to ensure that your battery system is operational & safe. Our experienced technicians are proficient in using our industrial grade battery load-testing equipment for wet cell batteries and DC load-testing equipment for individual cell batteries – and we have worked on everything from Eraring & Liddell Power Station batteries to gas turbine batteries. Whatever your needs, JPAC are able to provide your business with thorough and comprehensive maintenance & testing services. If your battery is not operating at optimal capacity, we are also able to replace and dispose of existing battery units.

If you are looking for an industrial grade battery maintenance or installation service provider, look no further than JPAC Batteries! We use only the best industrial batteries, sourced from our award-winning suppliers, including Battery Energy and MPower. Some of the industries, sectors and services we have worked with include data centres, communication centres, telephone exchanges, airports, hospitals, paper mills, and coal loaders.

Commercial & Industrial Battery Systems - JPAC Batteries
Commercial & Industrial Battery Systems - JPAC Batteries


JPAC Batteries is a small company specialising in the installation, maintenance, testing and disposal of industrial stationary batteries.
With highly experienced staff and the latest in battery testing equipment, we can offer long term battery inspection, testing and maintenance services.


Browse our selection of recommended products. We stock our ranges from Battery Energy and MPower products. If you are interested the installation of a different product please contact us.
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Commercial & Industrial Battery Systems - JPAC Batteries


JPAC can supply, install and commission battery systems ranging from 12v to 240v DC. No matter what industry you’re in, JPAC can provide a solution to suit your individual needs.


Take a look at our past and current projects! With a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, JPAC have been providing expert, responsive and cost-effective service across NSW for many years. We’ve even participated on interstate projects, in Brisbane and Adelaide. Wherever you are, and whatever your industrial battery needs, JPAC can help you find a solution. 
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